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Public space and life in the polis were from the beginning tightly connected, both in terms of city governance and shared actions of its inhabitants. Whether carefully designed or loosely articulated, public space shapes behavior, providing a frame for the norms and rules of society. At the same time, it implicitly invites transgression. From the agora of Athens to the central squares in the former Communist Bloc, from the streets of San Francisco to the paths in the favelas or other informal communities, public spaces are arenas of political expression, where official discourse and unofficial voices meet/ overlap/ come into conflict with each other.

Convenors: Flavia Marcello, Centre for Design Innovation and Carmen Popescu, ENSAB

Scientific committee: Marion Hohlfeldt, PTAC, University of Rennes2; Frederic Sotinel, GRIEF, ENSAB & Ian Woodcock, Centre for Urban Research, RMIT

STOP PRESS! Living Politics in the City 2 to be held in Melbourne in July 2019. Call for papers now available.

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