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'Triennale Virtuale' - reconstructions of exhibits from the Milan Triennale of the 1930s

in collaboration with Domenico Chizzoniti, Milan Polytechnic

Italian Pavillion Paris 137
Italian Pavilion at the Paris Expo of 1937 by Marcello Piacentini and Giuseppe Pagano.
Virtual reconstruction by Stephen Jeal, Casey Richardson and Casey Dalbo.
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Click on the image for a 360 view of the VR model

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BBPR & Piero Portaluppi, Saturday House for Newly Weds (Casa del sabato per gli sposi), Milan Triennale, 1933.

VR model by Casey, Dalbo, Casey Richardson and Stephen Jeal

Italian Pavilion at the Chicago World's Fair of 1933, by Adalberto Libera, Mario De Renzi & Antonio Valente.
Images by Brandon Gardiner

Women in national costume on the steps of the pavilion with Italo Balbo's seaplane reflected in the glass

Giuseppe Pagano, Exhibition of Mass Production (Mostra della Produzione in Serie), Milan Triennale, 1939/40.

VR model by Casey, Dalbo, Casey Richardson and Stephen Jeal

The main hall of the pavilion complete with speaker's platform.

House for an Aviator, Milan Triennale, 1933. Digital model by Daniele Covi

Interior view - living room

Interior view - dining room and stair

One of the side galleries showing an exhibition of Leonardo's flying machines

 Flavia Marcello, Architectural Historian - Melbourne, Australia                

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