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16th C Rome

The 16th Century is arguably Rome’s most popular period – everyone loves the Renaissance and that goes for tourists and academics alike. So what I can I add? I’m looking at how the city was viewed and represented by cartographers and engravers. How they shifted buildings slightly or made them bigger to serve their own agenda or those of the rich and powerful (usually popes and cardinals!). I am looking at how to use digital technology to overlay the maps so I can compare them and then see if I can make them 3D so one day you can pretend to walk around in Etienne Dupèrac’s or Mario Cartaro’s idea of Rome under Gregory XIII. Both these cartographers had a go at reconstructing the ancient city as well. I presented a paper on this at the European Architectural History Network conference in Tallinn in June 2018.

The Vatican in Etienne Dupèrac's 1574 map of Ancient Rome (Istituto di Studi Romani)
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