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Ancient Rome

My interest in ancient Rome started when I was teaching architectural history on site to undergraduate students in US study abroad programs. To earn extra money between semesters I worked as an academic tour guide taking small groups of tourists around to discover Rome's ancient layers.


I have carried this experience with me in writing about what it could have been like walking about in the ancient city and trying to better understand what the Roman emperors had in mind when building their monuments.


Ancient Rome was also an ‘inspiration’ for the making of Fascist Rome and for many of the buildings of this period. Mussolini liked to think of himself as the new Caesar and wanted a city that would live up the myth he constructed about himself.

I presented a paper on this at the 11th Celtics Classics conference in 2018 and see also my publication list.

Circus Maximus, Reconstruction
Reconstruction of Forum Transitorium

These maps and diagrams are of Rome during the Flavian period. Feel free to use them in your teaching or your publications and please credit the source to Flavia Marcello & Brandon Gardiner.

Map of 1st Century Rome
Map of Roman Forum
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